2017 Tutor Conference

Session One

Session Title (Click title for Power Point)   Presenter   Handouts, etc.
Math Magic, Manipulatives and Mastery   Barb Gade  

3 Digit Math Magic
Color Math Magic
Exponent Game
Key for Cuisenaire Rods
Magic Square Solution
Math Manipulatives Workshop
Opening Exercise ~ Is Math Magic?
Websites for Math Manipulatives

Lesson Planning with the CCRS for Tutors   Kim Roush  

Activity Template
Lesson Plan Template
Learning Objectives 

Activities and Games for ESL Learners   Colleen

Apps for ESL
ESL Additional Resources
Strategies and Activities - BTT
Strategies and Activities - ESL


Session Two

Session Title (Click title for Power Point)   Presenter
General Tutor Meeting   Kim Roush


Session Three

Session Title (Click title for Power Point)   Presenter   Handouts, etc.
Filling the Gaps: Reading and Writing
Strategies for Struggling Learners
  Stacie Phillips    
Great New Resources for ESL Teachers   Susan Finn Miller    
Strategies to Improve Your Tutoring
  Beverly Strayer    
Sharing How to Learn   Colleen Serencsits    All Handouts


Session Four

Session Title (Click title for Power Point)   Presenter   Handouts, etc.
Vocabulary: No Fear for Tiers   Meg Ashenden  

Building Vocabulary

Tools to Help Learners   Lynne Watson  

Information Processing Model

Tools to Help Learners - Notes 

2017 Tutor Conference Session Schedule
2017 PAACE Complete Conference Session Schedule

Other Sessions of Interest

Memoir Writing in the ESL Classroom ~ Session 5
Presented by Julie Walker of Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council
Description: For students with limited English proficiency, the idea of creative writing can be intimidating. Through using fun and interactive activities that draw on their life experiences, you can pique your students’ interest and ease them into writing with creative nonfiction.

Enhancing the Rigor of Instruction at All Levels of ESL ~ Session 7
Susan Finn Miller 


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